Business Networking

The opportunity to meet people with common interests is one of the most important components of any event. Thanks to our hybrid technology which combines digital and analogue approaches, the chances of meeting like-minded people at SIC conference are much greater.

Hybrid Networking

After registration at the conference in Moscow, participants will be able to create profiles and indicate their personal interests. When planning the conference, we analyse most popular topics and create theme zones in the networking and catering areas. During coffee breaks, lunches and evening receptions, participants will be able to join groups gathered in the themed zones.

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Sponsors of the themed zones will have greater chance to engage with the target groups. After the conference, networking between groups will continue at the virtual exhibition.

In addition to ad-hoc meetings, conference participants will have access to a mobile app where they can look up people with similar interests and plan meetings using one-on-one meeting scheduler. The application will be active for another month after the conference.

Among many other benefits, the app sponsor gets the opportunity to create brand visibility and invite conference participants to his booth and presentation.

During online events, participants will be able to contact speakers using live chat. After or before the presentations, participants can meet in a virtual room.

2D Virtual Room

The 2D room can be integrated in the virtual exhibition. The room can accommodate up to 2,000 online participants, branded with sponsor’s logos and divided into themed zones. Exhibition residents can use the 2D room for organising presentations with up to 5 speakers. Guests can meet each other, creating social circles for up to 8 people. Each circle can be locked to enable private conversation. The 2D room can be used for meetings, networking, demos, conferences, and other interactive online events.

3D Virtual Meeting Space

We help bringing online events to the next level using virtual and augmented reality tools. We design three-dimensional virtual environments for group meetings of up to 25 people. Meeting space can be created in any size and shape (anything from a conventional conference room to Mars surface), branded with sponsor’s logos and display presentations and video materials.

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Speakers can present using PPT slides, videos, and 3D models.

Participation in the 3D meetings does not require any special downloads or use of VR headsets. Participants can join and communicate with each other using a computer or tablet. One of the key features of the 3D meetings is a possibility to recreate physical experience where participants can listen to presentations and engage with speakers in natural way, as this happens at physical events. The directional sound feature allows to hold private conversation without disrupting ongoing meetings. If desired, the organiser can invite an unlimited number of viewers who can watch the presentation and communicate with presenters via live chat.

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