Conference Programme Overview

Online Events
1 June – 1 February 2022

Online Events

During this stage we will organise webinars, panel discussions and case presentations of industrial digital transformation.

Virtual Exhibition

At the Virtual Exhibition created in 3D environment, companies will be able to present their products and organise online meetings and presentations. Open 24/7/365 Virtual Exhibition extends engagement opportunities which are hard to match at the physical events.


After presentations, viewers and speakers can meet in 2D and 3D virtual rooms integrated in the virtual auditorium.

Events in Moscow
8 – 9 February 2022


The conference will be held at a venue in Moscow. The program will include plenary sessions, panel discussions, business podiums and case presentations by leading experts and companies. The conference will present IT solutions and technologies for the entire life cycle of industrial production.


“Smart industry” trade show will be held alongside the conference showcasing projects and technological solutions for digital transformation.

Innovation Hub

The conference will provide opportunities for organising and promoting presentations of start-up projects and companies within the framework of the «Innovation Hub» project.

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At the first stage, companies will be invited to present at the online events. Speakers with the highest scores will be invited to speak at the conference in Moscow.

Presentations will be organised as business pitches offering information about technologies and their potential commercial deployment and implementation. Presenters with the highest scores will be awarded with competition diplomas and prizes. All presenters will be offered opportunities to meet senior executives leading technological transformation of Russia’s industry leaders.

All presentations at the conference are divided into tracks:

Strategic Track
Enterprise of the Future

This track will present a platform for discussing the prospects for industrial transformation against the backdrop of upcoming shifts in the world economy.

Technological Track
Optimisation Solutions

The companies will present innovative technologies and discuss trends, risks, and strategies for switching to Industry 4.0 production.

Industrial transformation and the human factor

Experts will discuss the trends and experiences of industrial transformation and its impact on humans and communities.

Innovation Hub

Techno start-ups will hold business pitches in the “innovation + implementation + monetisation” format and answer questions.

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